Bytes 04 - Herrmann Kristoffersen

Original images from Daniel and Kristina, taken in their garden and then treated/manipulated...


These images are beautiful in their own way however I felt they needed to be pushed further a little... I wanted to use the images as a starting point but give them more space and to place them in an environment.

I distorted these images taking out the sharp angles and making the effect more watery. I then added a base colour of grey and an ochre tone.

With the music being predominantly electronic  it feels right to add in shape and structure. Something more concrete and modern. So I have added in a metal form and placed the distorted colours over the top.



Simplfying matters even more... This is the silvery watery reversion of the garden image on it’s own. 

Matched with a white circle on the artwork  and the tape being frosted white/clear


Or stick with the original garden image?